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NYU 2023

Violet Ice Classic 2023

This weekend our skaters competed in the first qualifying comp of the season! We had such an amazing weekend and it was so nice to be back with all the teams. We placed 7th with 150.5 points!! Huge thank you to our coaches Julie and Elizabeth for preparing us to skate our best. Another thank you to NYU for putting on an amazing event. Congratulations to all our skaters and everyone at the competition! See you in February!

NUFSC Medalists:

Tamsin: Pewter in Excel Juvenile

Max: Gold in Novice Men

Maddie: Pewter in Excel High Beginner

Ally: Bronze in Excel Pre-Preliminary

Ashley: Silver in Excel Pre-Juvenile

Emily: Bronze in Novice Solo Free Dance and Pre-Silver Pattern Dance

Annalise: Bronze in Bronze Pattern Dance

Cheri: Gold in Gold Pattern Dance

Danielle: Gold in Championship Senior

Mid Team: Pewter in Maneuvers

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