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What is your competition scheduling procedure like?

We compete at the three US Figure Skating Northeast Intercollegiate competitions each season with hopes of qualifying for the national intercollegiate championships.

We expect all of our competitive track skaters to be available to compete at least twice a season, and strangely encourage people to compete more!

The amount of points up for grabs in an event is based on the number of people entered in the event so every skater is equally important to our team's success, regardless of level. 

Freestyle, solo pattern and free dance, and team maneuver events are offered

All intercollegiate events follow the Excel series rules with the exception of the Junior and Senior championships events. 

Intercollegiate competitions are currently all scored using the 6.0 judging system. There is talk of transitioning to IJS, but nothing is concrete yet. 

Our team ranking has greatly improved in the last couple seasons and we are really excited to continue to build in the coming years.

What makes intercollegiate skating different from the skating I've done up to this point? 

You're apart of a team! While you will be competing individually and skating your programs as your do in non-intercollegaite competitions, your placement will earn you points for NUFSC. You still get your own placement, and earn an individual placement and awards, but you will also be helping our team earn points and a team placement. We also compete in team maneuver events where we have 3-7 team members perform a specific element for our team. In this event, schools are ranked based on the team's overall performance of the 7 elements. 

A lot of people find intercollegiate competitions a lot less stressful and intense than their previous competition experience. It's very lighthearted and fun, and everyone is incredibly supportive of each other! It's a great way to make friends with your teammates and skaters from other schools, as well as network within the skating community.

Whether you are continuing a competitive career or getting back into skating, this team can adjust to your needs. While this is a serious collegiate sport, we accept skaters of all levels and people are always willing to help. Other people have had the same experiences as you and can offer advice!

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