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Costs & Benefits

How much does it cost? What does membership include?

Our average dues are $200-$250 per semester, but these are subject to change for subsequent seasons. You can assume they will be around this price. 

Dues will be less for non-competitive track members.

Dues will reflect whether the team has more overnight stays during competitions and bonding events. 

Your dues cover all ice time, lessons for those on the Gold and Silver track, competition entry fees, travel expenses for the Gold track, team bonding events, and a team jacket for first time Gold and Silver members. 

The only out-of-pocket costs may be additional apparel, special events, or contributions towards gifts for seniors and coaches. 

What other activities and benefits can we expect to experience as a member on the team? 

The club sports program at Northeastern offers us opportunities to wrk out with varsity trainers as a team. We have team agility sessions as well as coach-led off-ice workouts that improve our on-ice performance. These are open to both competitive and non-competitive track members. 

Apparel! Each new Gold track team member receives a club jacket. We also offer many other clothing items that ALL members can purchase for themselves and family out of pocket.  

Outside of skating, all of our members participate in many bonding events such as apple picking, Soul Cycle, yoga classes, team movie nights and dinners. This past season, we attended Stars on Ice, An Evening with Champions, and hosted an Olympic watch party. We even hosted our first end of season banquet. We also volunteer at various road races and suppers clubs in Boston, and we regularly participate in Relay for Life. 

We do fundraise as a team; one of our biggest fundraisers is our annual holiday show, where family and friends can purchase tickets to see us perform individual and group performances. We also collaborate with restaurants and businesses around Boston to help ease dues for our members and fund fun evens for our team!

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