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Huskies Take 5th Place at 2022 MIT Competition!

This past weekend NUFSC competed at the 2022 MIT Collegiate Competition and we are so proud to say that we placed 5/13 and accumulated a total of 179 points, which is our highest total to date!

We want to give a massive congratulations to our coaches and all the hard working skaters who made this possible. This was the first in-person collegiate competition in 2 years and boy did we come back strong. Cannot wait to see what other incredible achievements this team accomplishes in the future!

Here are the results:

1st Place: Elizabeth (Junior Championship), Max (Novice Mens), Emily (Juvenile Excel), Cheri (Gold Pattern Dance)

2nd Place: Izzy (Preliminary Excel)

3rd Place: Jaclyn (Senior Short), Elisa (Novice Excel), Leah (Juvenile Excel), Julia (Pre-Gold Pattern Dance), Oona (Junior Solo Dance), Low Team Maneuvers

4th Place: Nichole (Junior Short), Julia (Senior Short), Margaryta (International Pattern Dance), Cheri (Senior Solo Dance)

5th Place: Elizabeth (Junior Short), Annabel (Juvenile Excel), Intermediate Team Maneuvers, High Team Maneuvers

6th Place: Tamsin (Novice Short), Ashley (Junior Solo Dance)

7th Place: Ashley (Silver Pattern Dance), Margaryta (Senior Solo Dance), Kristina (Intermediate Excel), Tamsin (Novice Excel)

12th Place: Annalise (Novice Excel)

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