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Joining the Team

Are there tryouts?

We decide our team based on both a written application as well as a tryout component. However, there is different criteria that coaches look for depending on the intended track. Skaters must come in person for tryouts. Practice sessions and tryout makeups will be available when applicable. In-person tryouts will be broken down by level and held in a group format. All elements will be based on both team maneuver and level requirements. Tryouts will be held at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring Semesters. Skaters named to a certain track during the Fall semester have a guaranteed spot on that track for the Spring semester and do not need to tryout again in the spring unless they wish to tryout for a higher level track.


Must I have skating experience before joining the team?

NUFSC directs brand-new skaters to the Learn-to-Skate program run by Northeastern Campus Recreation. It is our hope that they can hone their skills and eventually become a full member of the team. Otherwise, NUFSC considers skaters of varying levels for acceptance, provided that they own their own skates and are past the level of Learn-to-Skate.

I am interested in joining the team, what should I do?

Connect with us: 

**Feel free to reach out at any time to get more information about the team and to be added to our prospective skater contact list. The best way to do this is via email.

**Attend our booths at Fall fest and the Winter Activities Fair- this is a great way to meet some team members and get your name on our prospective skater contact list.

**Attend our information sessions: if you are on our prospective skater contact list, you will receive information about the date/time/location. We usually hold this at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester before sending out the application. 


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