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Preliminary Steps

I'm currently in high school and am interested in joining the team. What can I do next? 

In order to join the team, you must be a student at Northeastern on Boston Campus. NUFSC will happily answer any questions you have about Northeastern as a school, and Northeastern offers both in-person and virtual tours and information sessions. 

** Intercollegiate skating and Northeastern University do not offer scholarships or recruitment to our team. We are happy to communicate and tour prospective students but we cannot influence acceptances.

Stay in contact with us!

If you visit the campus for a tour/accepted students day/orientation, send us an email soon we can try to meet up with you in person and answer any more specific questions that come up. We do not allow prospective skaters to practice with us, but we can arrange a visit to the rink. 

If you choose Northeastern, reach out the summer before you get to school in order to join our mailing list- here you will learn about initial information sessions and applications. This ensures that you are getting the most up-to-date information about joining the team when the time comes.


How can I contact the team? 

For the quickest response, please contact our email via the contact page on our website! Other modes of communication are listed below:



Instagram: @nu_figureskating

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