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About the Team

How many people / what type of skaters are on the team? 

Our club is comprised of roughly 65 members who make up three different skating tracks: 35 skaters compete on our 'Gold Track', 15 for the 'Silver Track', and an additional 15 on the 'Bronze Track'. 

Primarily, we are singles freestyle and solo dance skaters coming from a wide variety of skating background and levels. Several NUFSC members also competed on nearby synchronized skating teams. Some skaters are looking to continue a competitive carer in a less intense environment, while others are looking to setback into skating after being off the ice for a while. 

What is the difference between the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Tracks? 

The primary difference between the three tracks is the time and competition commitment. Gold Track members are required to compete at least two times per season (3 comps total), skate a minimum of 2 hours per week, and also participate in off ice workouts and team bonding events. Silver members are non-competing members who are required to skate at least 2 hours a week and participate in bonding events. Lastly, the Bronze Track is for non-competitive members who have the requirement to skate at least 2 hours per month and are given the option to participate in volunteering and bonding events. 

Members in both Gold and Silver Tracks will receive lessons with one or both of our two coaches. Both Silver and Bronze Track members can expect to pay lesser dues as their dues will not go towards competition costs. See the "How much does it cost?" FAQ for more information. 

Gold and Silver Track members are required to participate in one of our annual shows. Skaters can create their own programs and perform them for our guests! Our skaters really enjoy creating small group numbers as well as duets and trios!

Why should I join NUFSC?

It’s really fun! Whether it be practice, competition, our show, volunteering or fundraising events, or team bonding, our team members are always laughing together. We are truly a family!

It allows you to keep skating while balancing your academics. We’re really lucky to have our rink right on campus, about a 10 minute walk from most freshmen dorms, and less than a 15 minute walk from all dorms and buildings on campus. Our practices are in the morning and evenings, so they never conflict with classes and rarely conflict with co-op schedules.

What are practices like, and do you have a coach?

We have practice around four days a week at our on campus rink (Matthews Arena). We offer both morning and evening practices because we work around differing class and co-op schedules. Last season, we had 3 morning and 2 evening practices. However, our schedule can vary from week-to-week, or season-to-season. Our practices are really fun! Everyone enjoys talking, goofing off, cheering each other on during programs., helping each other with their elements, and of course actually practicing!

Our team does have two coaches who attend most of our practices. Coach Julie Pondelli coaches high freestyle and moves, and Coach Elizabeth Tirrell coaches dance and low freestyle. We assign lessons to all. Our Gold and Silver Track members will receive lessons on a monthly basis, and each member can expect about two lessons every 3 weeks. Lessons are assigned based on coach and skater schedules (we try to work around other commitments as best as we can). Additionally, we offer a few group lessons throughout the semester! 

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