Welcome to our website! Our team is comprised of primarily individual skaters and solo dancers, and come from a wide variety of skating backgrounds. Some of our skaters have been competitive for many years and others have hardly skated before college! We have both competitive and non-competitive members on our team. NUFSC has brought a diverse group of students together with their shared love of skating. With the help and support of two wonderful coaches, the NUFSC team has given our members a way to grow as skaters while also managing their academic responsibilities.

Feel free to shoot us an email with any further questions. If you are ever on campus and would like to meet, let us know and we would be happy to do so!

We hope to see you soon!



Preliminary Steps

  • How can I contact you?

    • Our email is, our website is, and our Instagram is @nu_figureskating. Please email us or use the “contact us” tab on our website if you are interested in more information; that’s the best way to ensure you get a quick response!

  • I'm currently in High School and I am interested in joining the team. What can I do next?

    • Decide if you want to apply to Northeastern! If you have any questions about Northeastern as a school, we are happy to answer them to the best of our abilities! Northeastern offers both in-person and virtual tours and information sessions.

      • Intercollegiate skating/Northeastern does not offer scholarships or recruitment to our team. We are happy to communicate with prospective students but cannot influence acceptances, scholarships etc​

    • Stay in contact with us!

      • If you visit the campus for a tour/accepted students day/orientation, send us an email so we can try to meet up with you in person and answer any more specific questions that come up. We do not allow people to practice with us, but we can work to arrange a visit to the rink.​

      • If you choose Northeastern, reach out the summer before you get to school! That’s how we put people on the mailing list for our information sessions and application. This is what can ensure that you are getting all the most up-to-date information about actually joining the team when the time comes.

Joining the Team

  • Are there tryouts?

    • We decide our team based on an application process. This application looks to see how dedicated a prospective skater will be to the team, more so than their level or past skating experiences. The point of this application is really to learn more about our applicants and see how they'll fit into our community!

    • When you apply, you will apply to either the competitive or non-competitive track. See “What is the difference between the competitive and non-competitive tracks?” for more information about each track. The application is a bit longer for the competitive track.

    • See the “I’m currently in high school…” or “I currently attend/will be attending Northeastern…” sections to learn more about applying and joining.

  • Do I have to have skated before to be on the team?

    • NUFSC directs brand-new skaters to the Learn-to-Skate program run by Northeastern Campus Recreation. It is our hope that they can hone their skills and eventually become a full member of the team. Otherwise, NUFSC considers skaters of varying levels for acceptance, provided that they own their own skates and are past the level of Learn-to-Skate.

  • I currently attend/will be attending Northeastern, and I’m interested in joining the team. What can I do next?

    • Connect with us...

      • Feel free to reach out at any time to get more information about the team and to be added to our prospective skater contact list. The best way to do this is via email.

      • We usually have a booth at Fall Fest and the Winter Activities Fair and this is a great way to meet some team members in person and get your name on our prospective skater contact list.

      • Attend our information session(s); if you are on our prospective

    • Apply to the team!

      • Our application periods are at the beginnings of the fall and spring semester. If you’ve reached out or met us at a fair, you’ll be on the mailing list for the application and will receive it around the first few weeks of a new semester.

      • We do not accept new skaters mid-semester, so reach out before the start of the following semester to ensure you can apply during our next application period


About the Team

  • How many people are on the team/what type of skaters are on the team?

    • Our club is usually made up of approximately 35-40 competitive track skaters. We are limited to 30 starts per competition, so that’s why we cap the competitive track around there. We do not want someone who wants to compete to not be able to.

    • Our club is also made up of approximately 10-15 non-competitive track members. This number is flexible but also based on the amount of available ice time and funding. See “What is the difference between the competitive and non-competitive tracks?” for more information about this track.

    • Primarily, we are singles freestyle skaters and solo dancers, and we come from a wide variety of skating backgrounds and levels. Some people are looking to continue a competitive career in a less intense environment, while others are looking to get back into skating after being off the ice for a while. We have skaters on our team that range from Beginner to Senior freestyle and all MIF/dance levels.

  • What is the difference between the competitive and non-competitive tracks?

    • The addition of a non-competitive track is new, and while we hope to offer this track in all future semesters, it is dependent on both available ice time and funding. If the non-competitive track was ever not offered, all members currently on the track would have the opportunity to apply to move to the competitive track.

    • The main difference between the tracks is the time and competition commitment. Competitive track members can expect to have some minimum practice requirements as well some off-ice requirements, as well as a minimum competition requirement of one competition per season. Non-competitive track members have no practice/competition requirements but are encouraged to join our ice time if offered and all bonding/off-ice activities (See the “What other activities and benefits can we expect to experience…” section for more information).

    • Non-competitive track applicants can expect to fill out a shorter application than competitive track applicants and pay lesser dues as their dues do not go towards competition costs and a team jacket (See the “How much does it cost?” section for more information).

  • Why should I join NUFSC?

    • It’s really fun! Whether it be practice, competition, our show, volunteering or fundraising events, or team bonding, our team members are always laughing together. We are truly a family!

    • It allows you to keep skating while balancing your academics. We’re really lucky to have our rink right on campus, about a 10 minute walk from most freshmen dorms, and less than a 15 minute walk from all dorms and buildings on campus. Our practices are in the morning and evenings, so they never conflict with classes and rarely conflict with co-op schedules.


  • What is your competition schedule procedure like?

    • We compete at the three US Figure Skating Northeast Intercollegiate competitions each season with hopes of qualifying for the national intercollegiate championships.

    • We expect all of our competitive track skaters to be available to compete at least once a season, and strongly encourage people to compete more!

    • The amount of points up for grabs in an event is based on the number of people entered in the event so every skater is equally important to our team’s success, regardless of level.

    • Freestyle, solo pattern and free dance, and team maneuver events are offered 

    • All intercollegiate events follow the Excel series rules with the exception of the Junior and Senior championships events. 

    • Intercollegiate competitions are currently all scored using the 6.0 judging system. There is talk of transitioning to IJS, but nothing concrete yet.

    • Our team's ranking has greatly improved in the last couple seasons and we are really excited to continue to build in the coming years.

  • What makes intercollegiate skating different from the skating I’ve done up to this point?

    • You’re part of a team! While you will be competing individually and skating your programs as you do in non-intercollegiate competitions, your placement will earn you points for NUFSC. You still get your own placement, and earn an individual placement and awards, but you will also be helping our team earn points and a team placement. We also compete in team maneuver events where we have 3-7 team members perform a specific element each for our team. In this event, schools are ranked based on the team’s overall performance of the 7 elements. 

    • A lot of people find intercollegiate competitions a lot less stressful and intense than their previous competition experience. It’s very lighthearted and fun, and everyone is incredibly supportive of each other! It’s a great way to make friends with your teammates and skaters from other schools, and network within the skating community.

    • Whether you are continuing a competitive career or getting back into skating, this team can adjust to your needs. While this is a serious collegiate sport, we accept skaters of all levels and people are always willing to help. Other people have had the same experiences as you and can offer advice! ​


  • How much does it cost? What does that include?

    • Our average dues are $200-$250 per semester, but are subject to change for subsequent seasons. You can assume they will be around this price. ​

      • You can expect that dues will be a bit less for non-competitive track members.​

      • Dues reflect what we are able to do in a season - if aspects of the season are virtual, lower dues will reflect that.

    • Your dues cover all ice time, lessons (competitive track), competition entry fees and travel expenses (competitive track), team bonding events, and a team jacket for first time members (competitive track).

      • The only out-of-pocket costs may be additional apparel, special events, or contributions towards gifts for seniors.

  • What other activities and benefits can we expect to experience as a member on the team?

    • The club sports program at Northeastern offers us opportunities to work out with varsity trainers as a team. We have both agility and lift sessions that we use to improve our on-ice performance. These are open to both competitive and non-competitive track members.​

    • Apparel! Each new competitive track team member receives a club jacket. We also offer many other clothing items that ALL members can purchase for themselves and family and friends out of pocket. 

    • Outside of skating, all our members participate in many social events such as apple picking, Soul Cycle and yoga classes, and team movie nights and dinners. This past season, we also went to see Adam Rippon’s book event and held a Nationals watch party! We also volunteer around Boston a few times a semester at road races and supper clubs, and participate in Relay for Life.

    • We do fundraise as a team; one of our biggest fundraisers is our annual holiday show, where our family members and friends can purchase tickets to see us perform individual and group performances! We also collaborate with restaurants, etc. around Boston to help ease dues for our members and fund even more fun events for our team!