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NYU Competition Results

Our team competed at NYU on November 2nd and 3rd and got 7th overall out of 17 teams!

Here were the results:

Annabel Devault - 5th Excel Juvenile Ladies & 5th Preliminary Pattern Dance

Sophie Horton - 9th Excel Pre-Juvenile Ladies & 6th Preliminary Pattern Dance

Ella Messner - 6th Excel Senior Ladies & 5th Preliminary Pattern Dance

Tamsin Edwards - 2nd Excel Junior Ladies & 9th Preliminary Pattern Dance

Rebecca Holleb - 1st Intermediate Pattern Dance

Lauren Teng - 4th Intermediate Pattern Dance

Elizabeth Klemm - 2nd Junior Ladies Short & 1st Junior Championship Ladies & 7th Gold Pattern Dance

Julia Choi - 7th Senior Ladies Short

Emily Leung - 1st Excel Preliminary Plus Ladies

Kirsty Haley - 6th Excel Intermediate Ladies

Low Maneuvers - 8th

Intermediate Maneuvers - 8th

High Maneuvers - 6th

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